I see you…because I was you!

I can see something in you that maybe you can’t see, because I was you.  I almost quit, but I hung in there. I had no support, and I mean none, but I made it …and so can you!

I’ve grown tired of watching salespeople full of excitement and hope, quit and leave their business in shame, usually in debt. It’s so upsetting, and the situation can be changed. Success doesn’t have to be such a struggle!

This is why I’ve chosen to help. I want you to reach the success you envisioned when you came into your business.

A miracle resides in all of us and it happens at that moment when you decide to choose success over struggle.

Let me show you how you can take your passion and get real results… because everyone deserves to live a life of their dreams.


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About Julie

Speaker, Author, Sales Strategist & Mentor

Consistently top in my field! Included in top 1% of  agents in the country, the first woman in my company to become #1 sales agent year after year, selling more real estate than any other agent in my office. I received the prestigious award of National Chairman’s Club, selling 110 homes in a single year.

I’ve helped over 2500 clients fulfill their  dreams.

As sales manager selling and marketing multi-million-dollar real estate developments I learned valuable strategies from some of the best in the industry. I used those strategies to build my sales business. I’ve written books about successful selling tactics, and spoken to groups and associations on stage and in workshops.

For over 30 years I’ve lived the life I always dreamed of living. It’s my mission – and my pleasure – to help you do the same!


“We get to decide our future? What a powerful message. Julie’s story of triumph and choosing a different life, breaking the patterns of negativity, are truly beautiful and powerful. Everyone needs these stories of choosing more in life.”

– Leanne Velky

Professional speaker and workshop presenter.

I help others find success in a variety of ways from speaking, coaching, mentoring, and writing.

As a speaker, I deliver messages to sales professionals which are educational, and will motivate them into taking action.  With over 30 years of experience as a full-time sales professional, I use real-life situations which will allow the audience to enhance their business knowledge and skills.

Speaking for over 10 years to a variety of audiences, such entrepreneurs, sales professionals, police officers, women in transition, as well as students from all walks of life, my content will provide for thought provoking change in their lives.


“Julie, you are such a gifted and informed speaker.  It is so amazing to see the impact your presentation has had on our group, and the dramatic changes that have taken place in many of the women individually.” 

– T Crips – New Directions Vocational Testing and Counselling Services

Author & Publishing Company

Through my publishing company, Rock Star Publishing, I provide tangible tools that can make an immediate difference in a sales persons  business.

Important topics that all salespeople need to know from etiquette, becoming a real estate badass, public speaking tips, branding, listing mastery and sales strategies workbooks.

I want you to have real tools that are needed in the sales industry to move you towards success …Because we all deserve to live our best life.

Find a selection of my guides and workbooks in paperback and Kindle format available to purchase on Amazon here.

Find digital workbooks available for sale with instant download in my online shop here.

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