I see you…because I was you!

I can see something in you that maybe you can’t see, because I was you.  I almost quit, but I hung in there. I had no support, and I mean none! I lived on government handouts and stood in line at foodbanks to feed my kids. But I made it …and so can you!

I’ve grown tired of watching business people full of excitement and hope, quit and leave their business in shame, usually in debt. It’s so upsetting, and the situation can be changed. Success doesn’t have to be such a struggle!

This is why I’ve chosen to help. I want you to reach the success you envisioned when you came into your business.

A miracle resides in all of us and it happens at that moment when you decide to choose success over struggle.

Let me show you how you can take your passion and get real results… because everyone deserves to live a life of their dreams.


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About Julie

Certified Master Persuader, Sales Strategist, Speaker, Author, Publisher

Meet Julie Fairhurst, an accomplished and seasoned professional boasting an impressive career spanning over three decades in the business industry. Specializing in sales, promotion, and marketing, Julie has built a reputation as an innovative strategist, a dynamic negotiator, and a formidable force in the field.

Julie is a Certified Master Persuader, a qualification that sets her apart in her field. This expertise has allowed her to approach negotiations and customer engagements with an unparalleled understanding of human behavior and decision-making processes. Leveraging this knowledge, she masterfully navigates complex sales scenarios to achieve optimal client outcomes.

With a relentless passion for her craft, an innate ability to connect with people, and a wealth of experience, Julie Fairhurst is not just an expert in sales, marketing, and promotion – she’s a master persuader who can help your business realize its potential. Her journey spans over 30 years, yet she continues to innovate, inspire, and influence those in business. With Julie, you’re not just hiring a sales expert. You’re partnering with a business ally dedicated to your success.

“Having recently attended Julie Fairhurst’s Powerful Persuasion Master Mind training webinar, I can confidently say that she is among the best sales experts, speakers, and mentors. Julie, with over 3 decades of experience in sales, has an incredible ability to communicate complex sales concepts in a way that is both easy to understand and actionable. The webinar was packed with practical tips and real-world examples that helped me see how I could improve my sales skills immediately.” Heather Scott

Professional speaker and workshop presenter.

I help others find success in a variety of ways from speaking, coaching, mentoring, and writing.

As a speaker, I deliver messages to business owners and  professionals which are educational, and will motivate them into taking action.  With over 30 years of experience as a full-time sales, marketing and promotional professional, I use real-life situations which will allow the audience to enhance their business knowledge and skills.

Speaking for over 10 years to a variety of audiences, such entrepreneurs, business professionals, police officers, women in transition, as well as students from all walks of life, my content will provide for thought provoking change in their lives.


“Julie, you are such a gifted and informed speaker.  It is so amazing to see the impact your presentation has had on our group, and the dramatic changes that have taken place in many of the women individually.” 

– T Crips – New Directions Vocational Testing and Counselling Services


Celebrating the Voices of Women & Shaping Business Literature

With a legacy of collaboration that features over 150 women authors, in 17 published books, Julie’s hallmark “Women Like Me Stories” book series is more than just a collection of tales; it’s an empowering anthem that celebrates the resilience, strength, and spirit of women worldwide. By giving voice to diverse narratives, she has brought to the fore stories that resonate, inspire, and uplift.

Julie’s prowess isn’t limited to collaborative projects. She herself is the accomplished author of six acclaimed business books. Among these, “Powerful Persuasion,” “Transferring Enthusiasm,” and “Agent Etiquette” stand out, with the former being celebrated as a bestseller. Her works consistently bridge the gap between theory and practicality, offering readers actionable insights, grounded strategies, and compelling narratives.

Julie’s mission is dual-faceted. As an author, she delves deep into the world of business, unearthing principles, strategies, and etiquettes that not only facilitate success but also ensure ethical and respectful dealings. As a publisher, she’s an advocate for diverse voices, ensuring that stories, often overlooked or silenced, find their rightful platform.

Julie’s dedication to her craft and her passion for uplifting in the world through her words and her works, she continues to inspire, educate, and empower.

Find a selection of my guides and workbooks in paperback and Kindle format available to purchase on Amazon here.

What contributing authors are saying…

Life altering experience! Thank you so much for helping make this planet a little bit better–Brenda-Lee

“Thank you Julie for giving a woman like me the opportunity to own my story, share my story and pass it along to others that may benefit from our shared experiences.” – Charlotte

“I was so honored to write a chapter in Women Like Me. Julie is very gifted in helping you write your story, she made the whole writing process feel easy as she was there guiding you the whole way. Having a story to tell, and writing a book on my own felt overwhelming, but writing a chapter with Julie helping and guiding me was so therapeutic. If my story inspires even one women that would be the icing on the cake.” -Shawna

  “Oh goodness, thank you Julie Fairhurst for all your support and for giving us this amazing opportunity!! You are AMAZING!! And the women in this book are incredible. I learned so much through the process of “writing my story”. I never would have known the power of getting my story out of my head and onto paper. It was a life altering experience—one I will forever remember. I am forever grateful to you!! Your impact on other’s lives through doing this is immense! Thank you Julie!!–Dana 

“Thank you for such an awesome experience in becoming an author with such an empowered group of women. We are blessed by your leadership.” -Sabrina

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