We all need to believe in ourselves. But when those negative defeating beliefs sneak in, they must be dealt with. If not you will have a rough time in life.


Unlocking our true potential often involves breaking free from self-imposed limitations. Many hold onto beliefs that hinder our growth, preventing us from reaching our goals and living fulfilling lives. It’s time to challenge these self-limiting beliefs and embrace our unlimited potential.


  1. “I’m Not Good Enough”

This belief often leads to feelings of inadequacy, causing us to doubt our abilities and potential for success. It holds us back from seizing opportunities and fulfilling our true potential.


  1. “I Don’t Deserve Success”

This belief undermines our self-worth, creating a fear that we are unworthy of achieving our dreams and enjoying the rewards that come with them. It hampers our confidence and prevents us from taking bold steps towards our goals.


  1. “I’m Too Old/Young”

Believing that age determines our ability to succeed limits our opportunities and discounts the value of our skills and experiences, regardless of age. It overlooks the wisdom that comes with experience or the fresh perspective of youth.


  1. “I’m Not Smart/Talented Enough”

This belief disregards the importance of effort and growth, leading us to underestimate our abilities and shy away from challenges that can help us learn and improve. It undermines our belief in our capacity to develop skills and knowledge.


  1. “I Must Please Everyone”

This belief traps us in a cycle of seeking validation and approval from others, preventing us from asserting our needs and desires and ultimately sacrificing our happiness. It places an unrealistic burden on us to meet the expectations of everyone around us.


  1. “Failure Is A Sign Of Weakness”

This belief can deter us from taking risks or trying new things, as we fear the possibility of failure and how it might reflect on our competence and worth as individuals. It overlooks failure as an essential part of growth and learning.


  1. “I Must Be Perfect”

Striving for perfection sets unrealistic standards, causing anxiety and fear of failure, hindering progress, and robbing us of the joy and satisfaction of embracing our imperfections and growth. It prevents us from taking action and embracing the learning opportunities of making mistakes.


  1. “I’m Destined To Be Unhappy”

This belief perpetuates a negative mindset, making it difficult to find joy and fulfillment in life, as we assume that happiness is elusive or unattainable. It blinds us to our power in shaping our happiness and embracing positive experiences.


  1. “I Don’t Have Enough Time/Money/Resources”

This belief limits our ability to explore opportunities and find creative solutions, as we focus solely on perceived limitations rather than seeking alternatives or taking proactive steps to overcome challenges. It overlooks our capacity to make the most of what we have and find innovative ways to overcome obstacles.

       “There are so many people who will tell you that you can’t do this, but you have to make sure that your voice isn’t going to be one of them.”
― Pooja Agnihotri

Try These Three Action Steps! 


  1. Write down the self-liming belief(s) you hold. You might even want to track your negative thoughts for a week or two.
  2. Examine the list and then write down why these beliefs are false. Challenge these beliefs by coming up with reasons they aren’t true or steps you can take to overcome them.
  3. Try actively catching yourself when you have a limiting thought and then replacing it with a positive version. The more you do this, the more likely it will become a habit.

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