Learn from your business mistakes… they will make you stronger!


In life, we learn lessons from many different situations, people and circumstances. 

Think back to some of the most lasting lessons you have learned.

Are any of these lessons from less than positive situations? 

These types of life lessons are often the most helpful and come from what our mistakes and failures can teach us.  

Mistakes and failures happen because were not perfect and you still have things to learn or new perspectives to understand. 

They happen because you are flawed, just like everyone else.

When you adopt a learning mindset, you learn to appreciate that your mistakes really are gifts, chances to learn more about yourself as well as the world.  

When you mess up, it tells you valuable information about your traits, capabilities, values, and beliefs. 

These experiences help you clarify what is import to you and what you want in life. You will also discover how hard you are willing to work for what you want.


What can you learn from your mistakes and failures?

  • You can learn more about yourself
  • You can become stronger and more resilient
  • Mistakes can help you develop better habits
  • Mistakes can teach you to face your fears
  • Mistakes can help you see what is important to you


In the business world, you don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself and then learn from them. 

Follow others who have been there before you, who are where you’d like to be. Those people have made mistakes and if they are successful, they overcame and didn’t let those failures pull them down.  

You will still make mistakes, that is normal in life, but you should be able to avoid making the same ones those before you made, if you are willing to learn from others.

Everyone makes mistakes! Express gratitude for this opportunity to learn from them in order to flourish in your business!


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