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Fillable Workbook (Paperback or digital versions available)

7 Keys to Your Success – How to become a real estate sales badass

Is your lack of sales keeping you up at night?  Are you telling yourself it’s time to quit and get a “real job?”

That’s what I was telling myself nearly 30 years ago.  Since that time, I’ve sold over 2000 homes to many wonderful families.  So, don’t quit, you may just need a helping hand.

 “7 Keys to Your Success – How to Become a Real Estate Sales Badass” is a writable workbook full of strategies that will benefit you in your sales career.

  • How to nurture you prospective clients
  • When and how to ask for the business
  • What to do when you are asked for a discount

By shifting your mindset, learning to “sell without selling”, nurturing clients who say no and discovering what taking action can do for you, you’ll begin to shift yourself towards success.

Most of us are not “born salespeople”.  The good news is that you can learn skills to move you towards being a great salesperson.  It’s time for you to use proven strategies that will help you build a thriving sales career, so you can live your best life.

What readers are saying…

Julie brought together a gold mine of information for anyone who wants to fast-track their success in the real estate industry. Her expertise shines through. You don’t want to miss out on this book – and once you have it you won’t want to put it down!

– Alison

Julie delivers some basic information with a twist. I love her direct approach! As a top producer, you can see that she’s experienced a lot of unprofessional agents. She tells what NOT to do in an industry that counts on integrity.

Allyson R.

Fillable Workbook (Paperback or digital versions available)

30 Days to Real Estate Action

If you’re interested in building a strong foundation for your successful real estate business, or if you’re struggling to get your real estate business off the ground, this workbook will guide you to real estate success!

Each day for 30 days, we explore a foundational strategy that will help you uplevel your business.

Inside this workbook, you’ll find 30 strategies that help you build a sound business… including how to set up your communication tools, identifying your ideal client, preparing your presentation materials, and more!

You will be ready to rock your appointments when you get the call!

30 Days to Real Estate Action has been created by a seasoned real estate agent who has been selling real estate as a full-time agent for nearly 30 years.

Julie Fairhurst has sold over 2000 homes and is tired of watching agents come into the business only to quit.

She created this workbook to save realtors painful months (or years) of expensive mistakes and trial and error business building.

Get started the right way with 30 Days to Real Estate Action!

Schedule a free discovery call. Let’s get your sales on track to success!

Listing Mastery - LOGO course graphic blue overlay Julie keys

4-Week Mentorship Program ($977)

Listing Mastery – How to win business over your competition.

You’ve got the listing appointment.  Congratulations! Now what?

Don’t walk in looking unorganized and unprofessional with a bunch of loose papers.  You only have one chance at making a good impression and you should assume you will be up against other agents for the homeowner’s business.  Now is the time to look like the professional real estate agent that you are.

You need to get yourself on track with proven systems and process! And trust me, this is one of the most important things you can master for your career!  

“With Julie’s guidance, I was able to build an amazing career that has allowed me to service my clients and expand my business. Her knowledge of the real estate industry and dealing with people was exactly what I was looking for to kick start my business into a higher level.”

– Billie S.

4-Week Guided Programs (2 components)

Kick Start Your Real Estate Career

What’s Your Real Estate Destiny Going To Be? Let’s get you set up for success!

Now you’re a business owner, and your success is entirely up to you and your actions. No one is handing you business. It’s time to hit the streets and find clients who want to use you to buy and sell real estate!

But how are you going to do that? Where are you going to find them? And most importantly, why will they want to work with you, rather than your competitor?

Kickstart Your Real Estate Career: Preparing Yourself For Greatness (Real Estate Foundations) – 4-week program $477

Becoming A Rock Star Agent (Advanced Real Estate Training) – 4-week program $577

You can take one of the 4-week guided programs, or purchase both together for $877 and save!

Both programs include 1:1 coaching, guided training material, and personalized bonuses.

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