Writing & Self-Publishing Your Story Master Class

Your story is a beacon, waiting to illuminate countless hearts. Let’s set it ablaze together!

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Your voice. Your narrative. Your legacy. Let Julie Fairhurst guide you every step of the way.

Starting September 5th, 2023! Limited spots available. Secure yours today and step into the world of published authors.


Your Story, Your Power: 

Unleash Your Legacy

Have a story bubbling within, waiting to be told? Dreaming of becoming a published author, but not sure where to begin?

Every woman holds within her a universe of experiences, emotions, triumphs, and lessons learned. Every moment, every tear, every laughter-filled day is a chapter of a book only she can write. 


“Julie was an amazing guide & mentor into the world of authors & their stories. She keeps you focused. She gently pushes you and brings out the best author in you and encourages you throughout the whole process. And although this was all new to me ~ I never felt alone doing it, Julie made sure I knew she would be there anytime I needed her and feeling that safety of knowing her door is always open allowed me the freedom of taking the dive into becoming an author! A best selling author, no less!”


4-Week Master Class (Meeting twice per week for four weeks)

Your story is your power. And with the Writing & Self-Publishing Your Story Mastermind, that power is just a pen stroke away.

This step by step guided master class will walk you through exactly what you need to develop your writing skills, understand the self-publishing world and be on your way to writing your book!

Why this Master Class? Julie Fairhurst brings years of experience, passion, and dedication to the table. With 23 books published and over 150 women authors! With her guidance, you won’t just be writing; you’ll be transforming memories and emotions into a legacy.

Here is the master class outline:


  • The importance of telling your story
  • Overview of the writing and self-publishing process

 Module 1: Discovering Your Story

  • Personal reflection exercises
  • Identifying your why: The motivation behind your story
  • Finding your unique voice and perspective
  • Exercises for brainstorming and mind-mapping

 Module 2: Crafting Your Narrative

  • The basics of story structure – Introduction, climax, resolution – Themes and motifs
  • Writing compelling characters, even in non-fiction
  • Setting and context: Making the backdrop of your story come alive
  • Balancing vulnerability with empowerment
  • Reviews and feedback sessions

 Module 3: Overcoming Writer’s Blocks and Challenges

  • Recognizing and breaking through common barriers
  • Strategies for consistent writing
  • Establishing a productive writing routine
  • Writing prompts to jumpstart creativity
  • Self-care and mental well-being for writers

 Module 4: Editing and Polishing Your Work

  • The importance of revisions
  • Self-editing techniques and best practices
  • Hiring professional editors or not
  • Beta readers and gathering constructive feedback
  • Fine-tuning for clarity, voice, and impact

 Module 5: Design and Formatting

  • The role of book covers in attracting readers
  • DIY design tools and basics for non-designers
  • Hiring professional cover designers
  • Formatting for e-book and print: Tools and guidelines
  • Writing an engaging book blurb and author bio

 Module 6: Navigating the Self-Publishing Landscape

  • Overview of self-publishing platforms 
  • Pros and cons of exclusivity deals
  • ISBNs, copyrights, and other technicalities
  • Pricing strategies for your book

 Module 7: Marketing and Promoting Your Book

  • Building an author platform
  • Leveraging social media for book promotions
  • Email marketing and building a dedicated reader base
  • Strategies for garnering reviews
  • Book launch strategies: Blog tours, giveaways, and launch events

 Module 8: Beyond the Book: Engaging with Your Audience

  • Hosting book readings or workshops
  • Engaging with readers on online platforms
  • Transforming readers into a community
  • Monetizing your platform, promotional material
  • Planning your next book or series



  • Guest authors and professionals discussing their writing experience
  • Resources list
  • Networking
  • Q & A Session


In this dynamic mastermind, dive into a variety of engaging activities tailored for you, from interactive assignments and writing challenges to special projects that hone in on your unique writing style.

By the mastermind’s conclusion, you’ll be equipped with a comprehensive blueprint for your book, a roadmap for self-publishing, and a robust marketing strategy to engage with your readers.

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey of learning and growth! 

Julie is wholeheartedly connected to her writers and this project. She gave me trust and time when I needed it and supported and celebrated me along the way. She helped me get it out there!!!


Having Julie as a mentor, cheerleader and now, a friend, I would like to know that more women would be willing to take this chance, to not be afraid and to know that anything is possible. Julie knew I could write and with her encouragement, I wrote about my life and felt stronger as I went along. Now I am seeking out other brave women to find Julie and write their stories. How lucky am I?


Not sure if the mastermind is right for you? Schedule a free discovery call. 

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