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“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”  ~ Zig Ziglar

 4-Week Business Persuasion Intensive 

(Private 1 – 1 Four Week Program)

A four-week business makeover program focusing on persuasion. For individuals and professionals who want to improve their influence and communication skills.

Do you feel “icky” about sales? It’s essential to note that sales, when done ethically and genuinely, can be a valuable service. Using persuasion, you can help guide customers to products and services that truly benefit them. You can educate, provide solutions to problems, and make the buying process smoother.

Who Can Benefit from the Four-Week Business Makeover Program on Persuasion?

*Sales Professionals: Those in sales can refine their pitches, better understand their clients, and close deals more effectively by mastering the art of persuasion. *Marketing Personnel: Marketers can craft more compelling campaigns, advertisements, and messages by leveraging powerful persuasion techniques. *Real Estate Agents: Convincing potential buyers or sellers, and negotiating deals, requires a strong grasp of persuasive communication. *Business start up: Who want to ensure persuasion is used on their social media, web sites and others valuable content. *Anyone who has a product or service they need to sell.

In essence, the Four-Week Business Makeover Program focusing on persuasion is invaluable for anyone who interacts with others in their professional lives and seeks to communicate ideas effectively, build rapport, and influence decisions.


Six Session Master Class (Meeting twice per week for three weeks)

In the competitive world of real estate, securing a listing is half the battle. This course is designed to transform real estate agents into masters of listing appointments. Through a blend of proven strategies, hands-on exercises, and expert insights, agents will learn how to effectively present their value proposition, overcome objections, and confidently secure more listings.


Who Can Benefit from the Listing Mastery Course?

*Novice Real Estate Agents: Those new to the industry can get a head start, understanding best practices right from the beginning and setting themselves up for success.  *Experienced Realtors: Even seasoned professionals can refine their techniques, discovering new strategies and updating old practices for the modern market.  *Brokerage Owners and Managers: For those in leadership roles, understanding the art of listing can help in training and mentoring newer agents, as well as in refining their own team’s strategies.  *Real Estate Teams: Teams can benefit by aligning their listing practices and ensuring all members approach potential listings with consistent and effective techniques.  *Real Estate Assistants: For those supporting agents or teams, understanding the nuances of listing can assist in better preparing materials, understanding client concerns, and ensuring smooth communication. *Real Estate Students: Those studying to get their real estate license can supplement their education with practical, real-world skills.


4-Week Master Class (Meeting twice per week for four weeks)

Your story is your power. And with the Writing & Self-Publishing Your Story Mastermind, that power is just a pen stroke away.

This step by step guided master class will walk you through exactly what you need to develop your writing skills, understand the self-publishing world and be on your way to writing your book!

Why this Master Class? Julie Fairhurst brings years of experience, passion, and dedication to the table. With 23 books published and over 150 women authors! With her guidance, you won’t just be writing; you’ll be transforming memories and emotions into a legacy.

Who Can Benefit from the “Writing & Self-Publishing Your Story Master Class”?

*Aspiring Authors: Individuals who have a story to tell but are unsure where to start will find structured guidance to bring their visions to life. *Experienced Writers: Those who have penned down tales but haven’t taken the plunge into publishing can refine their narratives and understand the self-publishing world. *Bloggers and Digital Creators: Content creators looking to consolidate their writings into a book or long-form content can learn the nuances of structuring and self-publishing. *Subject Matter Experts: Professionals looking to share expertise in a specific domain can learn how to craft instructional or informational books and self-publish them. *Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: For those looking to create a book to bolster their personal brand or business, understanding how to communicate their story and journey effectively is crucial. *Therapists and Coaches: Writing can be a powerful tool for healing and reflection. Professionals guiding others through personal journeys can utilize this class both for their personal growth and as a supplementary tool for their clients.

In essence, the “Writing & Self-Publishing Your Story Master Class” is designed for anyone with a story, message, or expertise they wish to share with the world. Whether for personal fulfillment, professional advancement, or the joy of storytelling, this course offers valuable insights for all. 

Payment plans are available. Please reach out, and let’s make learning easier for you!

“I was a struggling agent working hard with not much success. Julie took me under her wing and then everything changed for me. I learned why I was not attracting buyer and sellers and discovered how to turn my business around. I’ve earned a great income and have had lots of fun. I learned to love real estate and the processes Julie taught me made it easy.”

– Susan. D

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