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Julie Fairhurst – Real Estate Sales Strategist & Mentor

Helping passionate, success-driven agents become real estate rock stars! 

“I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it!” ~ Estée Lauder

Sales strategy for real estate rock stars (Yes you are!)

Hello, I’m Julie

As a high performance, award winning sales professional with over 30 years experience and 2000+ clients’ sold, I can help you kickstart a successful real estate career, or motivate your sales team with time-tested, actionable strategies.

Imagine if ….

  • you didn’t stress out over sales and could confidently help your clients without feeling pushy.
  • you had an easy to follow, repeatable system to make your monthly sales targets, no matter how lofty your goals are.
  • you found a trusted mentor who’s been where you are, and knows what it takes to grow a successful, thriving business. 

I love helping passionate, results-driven people become sales rock stars …because everyone deserves to live their best life!

How I can help you become a real estate sales rock star

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